Tuya Wireless GSM 4G and WiFi Video Alarm Kit

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Tuya Wireless GSM 4G and WiFi Video Alarm Kit that can be controlled from a wall panel

A complete alarm system for your home that offers you the security you dream of.

The GSM WiFi 4G Video Alarm System kit is the easy and economical solution for those who care about the protection of their home, and for those who needan intuitive system that does not require the installation of a technician or special maintenance work.

Easy to use

The display of the control unit allows a simple and quick management of the settings, and the safety system is adaptable to internal areas,external and even on several floors, thanks to the wireless system.You can also keep an eye on your system via the app conveniently from your smartphone .Precisely to meet all needs and to guarantee a customizable system, Tuya has included in its Kit all the basic accessories to ensure 360-degree protection.

Thanks to the GSM system, even if you do not have electricity at home, you will be automatically notified on your mobile phone as soon as it detects a violation.

It also supports 2G / 3G / 4G SIM

By taking advantage of your home internet connection, you can receive notifications directly on your smartphone.

With the application it is possible to completely manage the alarm from anywhere in the world.

It can also be used with a 2G, 3G and 4G SIM card, only with the app or with both.

Send push notifications and make calls and send SMS, if you insert the SIM, in the event of an alarm and if the power fails or the modem is not working, you will still receive notifications.

Full control via App

Thanks to the built-in WiFi function and compatibility with Tuya and Smartlife , you can manage the control unit via application,activating / deactivating the control unit with a touch!

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

Receive alerts in case of intrusion, thanks to the GSM module the SIM card will send an SMS or a call directly to your phone; stay connected with your environments!


The Volumetric PIR sensor is ideal for the protection of interior spaces, even at night thanks to the infrared technology that detects any movements.

For the control of doors and windows and the relative openings and closings they are managed by the magnetic sensor, that is a contact that sends an alarm to the control unit in case of unwanted opening of your windows.

Two remote controls allow you to manage the system in its basic operating functions and 2 RFID keys allow you to activate and deactivate the system in a comfortable and simple way.

Finally, the kit is equipped with a wired siren that emits a sound signal of 110 Db in the event of an alarm.

The 4.3 “LCD interactive display with simplified icon menu is easy, modern and comfortable to read

The alarm system with the GSM dialer represents an effective and innovative anti-theft system.

The wireless wireless technology makes it a perfect device for those who want an easy-to-install alarm system.

The presence of a professional installer or special technical skills is not required, nor are masonry work required.

The different combinations make it suitable for apartments, even on several levels, offices, shops and garages, even at night thanks to the patriotization of the areas to be protected.

The system is equipped with a GSM dialer, and can be managed remotely via a voice call.

Furthermore, in the event of an alarm, the system will send the alert to all numbers entered at the time of setting.

Large TFT screen

the simple design and the menu in Italian language guarantee ease of settings and control, and can be activated and deactivated by remote control, RFID key, control panel keypad and smartphone via the free app.

Tuya anti-theft systems ensure customizable, effective and convenient protection at your fingertips.

In addition to the basic kit, it is possible to integrate with other additional TUYA SMART accessories in order to combine different needs.


Product Category:

Alarm Hub



Battery Type:

Lithium Battery

Function Description:

When doors/windows are opened/closed or when motion is detected it sounds a loud alarming SOS on site to deter would-be intruders, dailing alarm calls and sending alarm SMS, APP notification to the preset phone numbers


ABS Plastic

Support For Custom Types:

App Control Panel Customization,App customization,Function customization,Product appearance customization,Logo customization,Packaging customization

Power Supply Type:

USB adapter & back up battery

Rated Power(W):


Rated Voltage(V):




Max number of sub-devices:



5V 1A

Original price was: $96.75.Current price is: $92.99. inc. VAT

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