About Us

Smart City Mall Africa.
COmpany Strategy

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Build a world-class market place for Automation, power and security technology. While Providing an innovative platform that attracts top-notch African talents.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To Build a Smarter, Stable & Sustainable Africa by bringing the best of Automation, Power and Security technology into One Marketplace to solve the daily needs of Africans by African Talents.

Our Core Values






Systems Development

Our Services


This is our initial service, which verifies that both the client and the environment can accommodate the devices that are being ordered. We also inquire about each client's particular needs and offer advice on any further supplies or equipment that you, the client, might require.


This is the process of professionally setting up the items you ordered in accordance with best practices.


This is the technical process that ensures your gadgets are always in good condition and capable of operating effectively.

Why Choose Us

Our Vast Technical Expertise

We are a community of Gifted, skilled and Excellent Africans who have a competence to help you with technological solutions that make you more productive, safer and happier.
We are a growing community of Forward Minded African Techies with over 650 combined years of experience in Automation, Installation, Excellent Customer Experience and Supply Chain Management.

Experienced Management Board

We have a formidable management board with experience from across four continents.

Our Vast Array of Products and Services

We provide all manner (a broad range) of devices and solutions that are useful in automation or system integration, facility management, power installations, power management, security systems and day to day building or home improvement activities.

Our Robust Community of Vendors & Installers

We have manufacturers from across the world and distributors all across Africa.
Our evergrowing population of engineers/ installers are regularly trained , internationally certified and available in an African City near you.
We are involved in wholesale and retail of all kinds of Smart, Power and Security Devices.

Tested and Trusted Logistics Network

We have Verified & Internationally Trusted logistics partners who are capable of handling your goods till it gets safely to you.

Our Locations

We have our Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria with showrooms in other cities of Africa.

Our Clients

Our evergrowing list of partners and clients currently span from Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania etc.

Why Choose Us