Sonoff Window-Door sensor DW1

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SONOFF RF Bridge 433Mhz Wifi Wireless PIR2, Motion Sensor Smart Home DW1 Door Window, Alarm Sensor Smart Household For Google Home

This RF Bridge 433 can convert most of the 433.92MHz RF

Remotes into WiFi wireless. By adding the RF wireless Bridge to iOS/Android App eWeLink WiFi wirelessly, You can add up to 16 RM433 RF or alarms, also add them together (max. 16 items). One 4 button remote controller can learn 4 devices, which means 64 devices supporting

433 MHz frequency can be added on the app through

WiFi/2/3/4G network.

It can be used for most of the 433.92MHz RF Remote controlled products, like RF controlled switch, RF controlled socket, RF controlled bulb, RF controlled door opener, etc. You can set totally 8 schedule/countdown/loop timers to turn on off the RF controlled products.

Even more exciting is that it will work with the 433.92MHz door magnetic sensor, 433.92MHz human body IR sensor, and more other 433.92MHz sensors to realize security alarm, and allowing you to DIY smart scenes. Note that the alarm push only comes in the owner’s account, those users being shared can’t view the alarm push.

PIR2 is a 433.92MHz RF PIR motion sensor that for human detection. The motion detector can work with the Sonoff RF Bridge 433, providing human detected alarm message push to your phone.

DW1 is a door and window alarm sensor. The door alarms can work with Sonoff RF Bridge 433. DW1 door alarm sensor detects the opening status and immediately sends alarm notification message to the app.


1.Convert 433MHz RF Remote to App via WiFi

2.Make 433MHz RF devices App remote controllable

3.Support to add max. sixteen 433MHz RF

Remote/Curtain Switch/Alarm

4.Support to control up to sixty-four 433MHz RF devices

5.Support totally 8 schedule/countdown/loop timers to turn on/off 433MHz RF controlled devices

6.Receive alarm push message from 433MHZ

PIR sensor, door &window alarm sensor

7.Control 433MHz RF devices over Wi-Fi or mobile network

8.Free iOS and Android mobile app eWeLink

Works perfectly with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant


Brand name – SonoFF 

Product name – Sonoff DW1 Sensor

Support Battery – 12V 23A

Wireless frequency – 433.92MHZ

Protocol – EV1527

Emission current – ≤10mA

Battery – length 27mm, diameter 10mm, this model doesn’t come with battery

Product weight – 32g

Product size – 78*33mm / 78*13mm

Quiescent current – ≤5uA

Operating environmentV – -10°C-50°C (14°F-122°F)


1.The receiving supports fixed code 433.92 frequency, like PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, EV1527, etc.

The product doesn’t support to learn rolling code and dynamic code

You can’t see device status changes in the App.

2.What’s new on Android & iOS 2.5.0 and higher versions?

Scheduled/countdown timers are supported. iOS App supports to add this product.

433MHZ RF curtain switch and RF alarm are supported.


Bridge 433 to work normally, and cannot work independently

$10.21 inc. VAT

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