Smart Curtain Track YSMT750

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Detailed product description

If you are already in bed but forget to close the curtains, you don’t need to get up to close the curtains, but you can use your mobile phone to pull the curtain from the bed with one touch. 

It is very easy to plan a pleasant awakening with the morning sun at the exact time. This is what our motorized smart curtain retracting and extending system can do. It has a built-in intelligent system through which you will be able to control your devices using your smartphone, remote control and voice. It is compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants. Using the APP, you can program your curtains for a timed automatic mode of closing and opening the curtains. 

Control using the TuyaSmart and Smart Life app or remote control

Thanks to the built-in motor, the MOES curtain retracting system works with the Smart Life and Tuya APP mobile applications. Through them, you will control the curtains at any time and from anywhere. This versatile app will help you take control of your morning wake-up calls, schedule time to pull them in, or stretch them out.

Universal use for curtains and drapes

The MOES motorized curtain retraction system allows individual curtain systems to be connected and adjusted according to your preferences. You can choose from several different lengths. The motor can be installed on both the right and left sides or on both sides of the expansion. You will appreciate the protective features such as stopping the hinges in case they hit a physical obstacle, and you can set the speed to slow down when reaching, so that the hinges do not bump unnecessarily and noisily.

Use and function of the engine:

for motorized closing and opening of curtains and drapes, stopping in any position. 

the motor can be controlled curtains and blinds via mobile phone, voice and remote control

works with Alexa and Google voice assistants

It is compatible with Smart Life and Tuya APP mobile applications

you can set automatic activity according to the time schedule in the application 

the motor is intended for Smart Curtain rails – see our offer, or other similarly shaped profiles

WIFI connection:

The drive unit is not equipped with a WiFi module for wireless connection to the home internet network. The possibility of control using a mobile application.

Convenient control:

You can control the unit anywhere using the TuyaSmart and Smart Life mobile applications, and you can also create a daily or weekly program for automatically controlling the blinds. 

Option to purchase a 433MHz remote control and control the curtains with a radio remote control

Mobile application for the TUYA SMART platform:

By connecting the scale to your smartphone or tablet, you will have all the measured values ​​neatly together. Using the mobile application, you control the blinds and adjust them as needed, and you can also create a program for automatic control of the control of the blinds during the day. The smart mobile application “TUYA SMART” or “SMART LIVE-SMART LIVING” enables control and control of your household from anywhere in the world using only the Internet and your mobile phone. You don’t need any control unit or “gateway”. Each device has all the necessary components for communication with your mobile phone via the Internet (cloud).


Format: electric drive with WiFi

Method of opening and closing: upper and lower biparting open

Type of installation: Installation of a Smart Curtain bar up to a length of 10m

Material: metal and plastic

APP Name : TuyaSmart SmartLiving

Drive unit: AC motor 230V: wireless remote control or APP control

WiFi standards: IEEE 802.11 b / n / g 2.4G Hz

Voice control support : Cooperate with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistance

Power supply: AC 230V, included is only a power cable with a plug into the socket

Rated current: max. 10A

Rated torque: 1.2 Nm

Nominal speed: 110 rpm

White color

Load Current: Max. 10A

Rated power: 40W

Insulation class: Class E

Protection: waterproof IP41

Material: PC/ABS

Original price was: $72.03.Current price is: $53.75. inc. VAT

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