Tuya Smart WiFi GSM Home Alarm Big Kit

$106.96 inc. VAT


1. 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen 2. Ultra-thin 12mm Correction 3. New Xsense Ui Interface 

4. OTA Support Online Upgrade 

5. 600 MHz High Speed Chip 

6. Support up to 200 accessories 

Function Description:

1. The home security smart panel is powered with 600MHZ high-speed chip, 32MB memory,New Xsense UI interactive interface,which is 10 times faster than other product in the market.

2. 4.3 inch ,IPS full touch screen, 12mm Ultra-thin body,the design is nice and elegant .

3. Also we introudced OTA updates to our devices. Software can be upgrated through OTA. OTA technology can provide free software upgrade and more value-added services.

4. The design and functions can be customized per your requirements.

Support 200 accessories 

Security panel can add 200 accessories and all areas can be renamed and customized, you can set it to App and it will be updated on security panel both 

Built 10 languages 

English Nederlands / Spanish / Russian / French / Polish / German / Italian / Portuguese / Chinese 

Coverage of the whole house 

You can choose the corresponding accessories you need based on your home scene. The safety panel and accessories can protect your safety at home in all directions around the clock. 

Real-time monitoring and instant notification 

If someone violates in your home, door and window sensors and motion sensors will send a signal to the security panel and security panel and the siren will be the alarm and your mobile phone App will receive an alarm prompt to keep you up to date with family status 

Personal Emergency Response 

If the elderly or children at home are sick or if an emergency is an emergency at night, you can trigger an alarm through the remote control or the Sos button to notify the family 


Compatible with all 433MHz accessories and also TUYA platform products, you can customize the products according to your home scenes. 

Low battery alarm reminder function 

When the battery of these accessories such as the door sensor infrared detector is low, the security panel sounds an alarm to remind users to replace the battery

Tuya Smart WiFi GSM Home Alarm Big Kit
◆ Work with Amazon Alexa/Google Assistance;
◆ 4.3 inch touch screen LCD;◆ Input Voltage:5V/1A;
◆ Up to 200 Deterctors+Remote Control, Doorbell(up
to 6◆ 7 zone modes;◆ Low-battery detection/Power
off detection◆ 5 groups of alarm phone/SMS NO.
◆ Built in battery to enable the alarm panel continue
work when no WiFi;◆ GSM support Two-way audio;
◆ OTA online upgrade supported;
◆ 2G GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

$106.96 inc. VAT

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