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The perfect solution for discreet indoor surveillance on a modest budget. This surveillance camera contains a 1/2.8 inch color sensor that is able to capture high detailed images at 1.3MP of resolutions and withs its 3.6mm lens can cover a 90 degree area. Thanks to its compact form, the camera can discreetly monitor your properties without being noticed making it a great way to keep an eye on your employees or cover secure areas without drawing unwanted attention.

With auto tracking white balance and automatic back light compensation, this mini CCTV camera ensures a gtrat image and thank to the IR LEDs, it is perfectly capable of operating in low light so you get a great security no matter the lighting condition. Coming with a 360 degree by 90 degree adjustable bracket, the camera is quick and easy to install and can wired directly to your existing CCTV system or security monitor.

Suitable for indoor use or sheltered outdoor use, this mini surveillance camera can operate in high temperatures and with a weatherproof outer can cope with high humidity or minor water exposure.

Key Features

Superior Quality

3.6 MM

1.3 Mega Pixel

Wide Angle

With Night Vision

$15.59 inc. VAT

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