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Intelligent Smart Fingerprint Locks with Door peephole Camera viewer

TTlock App for Smart Fingerprint Lock

Mobile TTlock App basic function instruction:

Unlimited eKeys

Grant or Revoke Access with our Patented Online Cloud based eKeys. eKeys can be Time/Period Based, Permanent, One Time, Cyclic or Customised

Grant Access via Intelligent Passcodes from Anywhere in the World in Realtime without the need of Internet/WiFi/GSM

Passcodes can be Time Based, Cyclic, One Time, Permanent or Customised

Review Access Logs in Chronological order

Receive UNLOCK Notifications instantly

Manage eKeys, Passcodes, Fingerprints, IC Cards all from within our APP

Flexible and Scalable eKey Management

Manage Passcode validity with ease

Manage Fingerprints directly from your Phone

Manage IC Cards from your Phone

FIngerprint Lock with door peephole camera Product Features:

1. Access by APP, Smart card, fingerprint, passcode and key.

2. With built peephole camera, you can view the visitor through the built-in screen, and when someone press the doorbell, the lock will take the picture of the visitor and send the photo to your mobile phone.

3. One-Touch-Access Biometric Fingerprint sensor on the reader. Fingerprint scanner will wake automatically once you place your finger on it and is conveniently positioned to accompany your natural hand position. One seamless action allows you to wake the lock, read your fingerprint, and unlock your door. The whole unlock action takes only 1 second.

4. It can auto re-lock your door for you so your home is always safe.

5. Strong and secure Aluminum alloy lock panel, anti-corrosion and study.

6. Rechargeable lithium battery, it can be fully charged in 3-4 hours, and can be used for 4-6 months with the fully charged batter.

7. Back-up USB external power supply interface, in case the power is dead.


Fingerprint/Card/Password/Mechnical key/TTlock APP

Size: 408×69×27MM

Mobile management ; Bluetooth function ;

Product color: Black

Fingerprint acquisition: semiconductor fingerprint acquisition module

App Language:English

Card reading type: IC card

Power Supply: Li- battery

Record function : check door open records by App

Emergency port: USB port

Unlock method: fingerprint/password/card/app bluetooth/password

Fingerprint: 100 capacity

Card: 1000 capacity

Original price was: $185.98.Current price is: $183.29. inc. VAT

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