Felicity 5Kva Pure sine waves Solar Inverter

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The Felicity 5kVA 24V Inverter belongs to and extended inverter series from Felicity, which receives AC power to power as an extended UPS. It also has use as a power backup inverter with a very high efficiency by minimising losses during charging and DC to AC conversion. Its three phase charging algorithm lengthens battery life span.

FELICITY is one of the few inverter brands that you can invest in and be sure of great value for money – reliable performance, excellent power output and advanced inverter technology that protects batteries and ensures optimum functioning. The inverter is a star product, meeting most of your household requirements and able to deliver adequate power backup on the right load. Well-used, this inverter capacity can adequately cover the gaps in public power supply, ensuring you have around-the-clock power supply Inverter with Automatic changeover and appliance protection circuits as well as a temperature sensor.


Communicate with our MPPT charge controller

Bypass charging function,AC charge available when the unit off.

Build in battery reverse polarity protection.

Adjustable charge current and output frequency.

Grid electricity and battery power priority is optional.

Generator has function of automatic control on and off.

90-280V AC wide input voltage.

AC input and output protect switch.

Build in battery temperature compensation interface.

Automatic AC and PV charger after shutdown.

Low frequency high reliable pure sine wave circuit architecture.

Optional 8 types of batteries, three-stage intelligent charger

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Inverter Mode Specification

Model FL-IVP1512-1500VA FL-IVP3524-3500VA FL-IVP5048-5000VA FL-IVP7548-7500VA FL-IVP10048-10000VA

Output Voltage Waveform Pure Sine Wave

Rated Output Power 1500VA 3500VA 5000VA 7500VA 10000VA

Nominal Output Voltage 110V-120V / 220V- 240V ± 10%

Nominal Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ±0.3Hz

Nominal Efficience 80%

Capable of starting electric motor 1HP 2HP 3HP

Nominal DC Input Voltage 12V 24V 48V

Charge Mode Specification

Model FL-IVP1512-1500VA FL-IVP3524-3500VA FL-IVP5048-5000VA FL-IVP7548-7500VA FL-IVP10048-10000VA

MAX Charge Current 35A 30A 40A 50A

Charge Current Regulation Charge current adjustable: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%(Optional)

Battery Type Selection Select the right type of battery to charge (e.g: GEL, AGM, Open lead acid, Sealed lead acid, etc )

Charge Algorithm Three stage: Boost CC (constant current stage)—Boost CV (constant voltage stage)—Float(contact voltage stage)

$657.90 inc. VAT

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