Ceiling Motion Sensor – Recessed

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Ceiling Motion Sensor – Recessed (Suitable for use in POP, PVC Ceilings etc. as it will flush with the flat surface) 

High quality recessed motion sensor switch

HOME AND BUSINESS USE: Install this motion sensor in your laundry room, kitchen store, Toilet, Corridor, Basement Stairs for automatic lighting day or night.

PASSIVE INFRARED TECHNOGY: The Sensor uses infrared signals to detect human movement into the sensor area and objects. Does not produce significant heat and extremely energy efficient. IP22 for indoor use only.

The lamp will switch on automatically when somebody moves into the sensor scope;

The sensor will switch off the lamp after 40 seconds after the person leaves from the sensor scope/or will turn of the lamp 40 seconds after detecting no movement.

It is widely used in the Kitchen Storage, Corridor, Basement, Bathroom, parking, storage, fire exits and Toilets in the building.

Indoor light with motion sensor, automatic turn off light sensor switch, led dusk to dawn sensor light bulbs

Product feature:
1. Convenience: The light can be turned on automatically when people come and will be turned off automatically when people leave the room.
2. Safety and saving energy: reducing energy waste caused by people forgetting to turn off the lights.
3. Smart Home: brings light automation to your home

Brand Name: Geagood

Model Number: GD-RT5

Type: Ceiling Switch

Certification: CE

Switch mode: Sensor switch

Product style: recessed (suitable for POP ceiling use)

Power: 10A

Voltage: 110-240V

Sensing Range: 3-6M

Detection object: human body

Detecting angle: 120 degrees

Detecting distance: 5 to 8 meters

Sensor switch Time delay: 40 seconds

Lux Adjustment: Night-time only setting, Full 24hrs setting

Load power: 1000W

Used in: Toilet, Corridor, Staircase, Store etc

Package: Blister Pack

Original price was: $26.34.Current price is: $23.11. inc. VAT


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