1hp Solar Water Pump

$263.38 inc. VAT

VORTEX TYPE MICRO ELECTRIC PUMP: This QB pump is a single-pole single-suction horizontal micro vortex electric pump, which is mainly used to transport clean water with liquid temperature not exceeding 40℃.

LOW NOISE: Double ball bearings, silent operation of motor. Outdoor ventilation design, with good heat dissipation.

WIDE APPLICATION:This water pump is widely used in household pressurized water supply, horticultural water supply, agricultural sprinkler irrigation, refinement and other fields.

HIGH QUALITY: Cast aluminum body and built‑in stainless steel plate, the whole is hard and wear‑resistant.

Item Type Water Pump

Material Cast aluminum + brass + stainless steel

Voltage DC12V

Maximum Flow 1.5m³/H

Discharge Lift Approx. 15m / 49.2ft

Power 1hp

Outlet Approx. 1in

Application Boiler water supply, underground water lifting, water tower water supply, farmland irrigation, solar water supply, water supply for households on floors

$263.38 inc. VAT

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