The Plights Of A Nursing Mother

Recently I just remembered the scenario of when a young mother with about 3 children struggled around to open the windows of her house because the oldest of her children was just 5 years old. I imagine the pain, she had to climb chairs just to ensure she opened the curtains.

It was so stressful because her husband was hardly around and the husband saw no reason why she should have a housemaid. (This happened more to CEOs during the Covid period when they were doing things all on their own.) This scenario made me realize the pain of single mothers with young children.

I then wondered, why don’t we have smart curtains? Then I searched, and though I did not find smart curtains per se… I found smart window blind controllers. They were so beautiful yet easy to control. You could easily control them from your mobile phone or from a remote.

So, my dear caring husband, and supporting friend of a single mother, when you’re looking for a gift for a new mother or single mother kindly consider getting smart window blind controllers among other Smart home devices. These devices will help them become more effective and remain productive despite the heavy duties of taking care of their young children.

Remember, automation reduces stress and makes you more productive while focusing on the things that matter the most.

Thanks, and have a lovely day.

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