Sustainable Lighting and Security For Estates

I’m just tired of seeing careless decisions made by the security and procurement personnel of some companies and establishments. How will someone say that they robbed the bank or house or estate and there was no record of criminal movement?

Even if the gateman was sleeping and the dog was drugged, was there no CCTV? The funny thing is that when inquiries were made further, they found that there was CCTV.

Then why was there no footage? Isn’t it funny?

Guess what, they found out that the electric wire was cut. I wanted to shout… and so what? Don’t they have a Solar Street light that comes with CCTV? Now see what they have lost.

Please tell your bank manager and real estate seller to go and get a Solar All-in-One Street light and CCTV. If you are in a position to make that decision, please don’t sleep on this.

Contact us today for help with the supply and installation. Automation saves lives and works for you even while sleeping!

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